Baby safety

The shoot is all about the baby or children and I will never shoot them if they are unhappy or look uncomfortable. If a pose or prop doesn't work for them we will just move on to the next one. I will keep the studio very clean and at the right temperature. Water and a comfy place to sit is available at all times. The safety of the baby or children is a paramount and will have my full attention at all times. 


When is the best time to photograph my newborn?


As early as possible; the baby is sleepy, hasn't developed any cradle cap, and is more than happy laying still so I can capture lots of adorable shots of them. I normally advise up to 20 days old to capture the essence of the newborn stage. When booking we can use your due date as base and try and book in for the week after. Obviously your little baby may not come on time and I am more than happy to work around that and reschedule. As a mum myself I totally understand the first couple of weeks are a cloud of worry and tiredness. I will be here to help you and the baby. I want you all to feel totally relaxed and if you need to take a nap I won't judge! It helps to bring a partner or friend with you just to help, I may call on you to help soothe the baby or hold them between shots. Mums who have had a c-section we can work around this, maybe dad or a friend can accompany you or bring the baby themselves.


What should I bring with me to the shoot?

Newborn shoot - Just yourself and the baby! I will provide props and wraps, however, if you have a special outfit or prop that you will like to be included please let me know beforehand. I find a dummy helps to soothe the baby in between shots, so include a couple. Bring extra baby wipes incase there are any little accidents! I make the newborn session 4 hours long as I know the baby will need feeding, changing and sometimes just a cuddle to soothe them, remember to bring extra milk and bottles if you aren't breastfeeding. Also be aware the room temperature will be slightly warm for the baby, so dress in layers if you feel too hot.

Birthday shoot - If your child suffers from any food allergies I may ask you to provide your own cake for the shoot, otherwise, I will provide the creamiest of cakes! I'd prefer to style the baby in white/baby pink/baby blue, so no loud prints or graphics as this can distract from the baby, please bring an outfit or two in case the mess gets too much too soon. Also note that the clothes will get very messy so no outfits that you can't put in the wash afterwards, mums or dads may need a change of clothes too just in case. Feel free to discuss this all with me before the shoot itself. After the shoot bring some extra baby wipes to get you home. 

Little Angels shoot - As this shoot is so natural and simple, I'd prefer the outfit to be as simple as possible. So stick to neutral colours like whites/grey's/baby pink or baby blue. No loud graphics or prints or any bright colours. Little bows for the girls hair are cute and we can play around with styling them. Again, please feel free to discuss the outfits with me beforehand. 

Can I bring siblings with me?

Please notify me beforehand and we can try and get a few shots with them at the beginning or end. However, as the newborn shoot is long and we try and keep the baby calm the siblings may get a bit bored waiting once their iPad or book runs out! I just ask that they are supervised at all times for their own safety. The studio will be made purposely warmer too, so thats something else to consider. 

How long will it take to receive the images?

I will try my best to edit, select and upload your images as soon as I can. However I like to give myself 2 weeks grace after the shoot date. 

What if I don't like the finished product?

It is crucially important to make sure you are happy with the style of photographs I produce. Each baby photographer has their own style, please look carefully at my previous works on the website and social media and make sure you are completely happy with my style as refunds are not available.

What if I can't make the shoot?

You have up to 24 hours before the start of the shoot to cancel free of charge, after which a 50% of the session fee will be charged (Unless due to extenuating circumstances of course.)

Can I share your images on social media?

Of course. However, I ask you to fully credit @princeandpearlphotography on every post. A lot of time and effort goes in to the shoot and referrals are the key to this type of business.

I don't want my babies pictures being used on your site or social media

That is fine I will not use them. For every shoot I ask you to sign an agreement consenting  to the use of your childs imagery for promotional use. You will sign this before the shoot starts.  If there are specific photos you do not wish to be used after the event, please let me know.