From a young age I have always shown an interest in visual art . After enrolling and completing a Photography degree at Middlesex University my final work was featured on the front cover of The Sunday Times magazine. It was no surprise that after graduating, I headed for a career in the creative industries. 

The first stop was in the world of fashion, where I began styling. Having always had a keen eye for trends and an interest in popular culture, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase my talents and indulge my passions. My highlights range from styling on the X Factor, assisting on fashion shoots, including a regular position with the iconic British brand Burberry.


I developed and launched an online art platform selling digital prints and home accessories from recently graduated students. I spent time working with many young artists to give them their first taste of exposure and a revenue stream, which was incredibly rewarding.

The most recent - and fulfilling - chapter in my story was becoming a mother to Pearl and Jesse. It has inspired me to get behind the camera again and capture each and every precious moment of them.


I'm so pleased that I am able to provide a beautiful environment at my home studio, designed to make the experience fun, enjoyable and as relaxing as possible! My mission is simple: to bring joy to you through my work.